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For Immediate Release
Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Eric Loeb (GoodWorks-PAC), 215-849-2737,
Lori Greenberg (Otter Campaign), (619) 699-1927,
Derek Casady (Casady Campaign), (858) 457-02466,
Tyrone Ballesteros, (National Veterans Foundation), (888) 777-4443, tyrone@nvf.org


Congressional candidates Karen Marie Otter and Derek Casady will join GoodWorks-PAC and the National Veterans Foundation in a unique event to help local war veterans on May 18, 2006

(El Cajon, California) On May 18, CA-52 Democratic Congressional candidates Karen Marie Otter and Derek Casady will work together to emphasize cooperation and community service for American veterans. The candidates and their volunteers will put their direct competition aside for the day and work together to welcome and assist area war veterans in an event to be held on May 18, 2006 at the VFW Sable Post #2275 (136 Chambers St., El Cajon 92020) from 6:30 to 9pm.

The event is being organized by GoodWorks-PAC and the participating campaigns as a positive Democratic campaign event that will highlight the National Veterans Foundation (NVF) mission of support for veterans. At the event, trained NVF counselors will help veterans of all ages learn what they need to know about their available benefits. NVF counselors will also share their knowledge with any volunteers who would like to learn more about the NVF's vital mission.

GoodWorks-PAC founder Eric Loeb explained that the goal of the event is to bring competing Democrats together in the name of service to their communities and changing the general tone of politics. "This is going to be a great event that will provide valuable assistance to local veterans while also helping to promote a more respectful kind of political competition. From our experience, this type of cooperative campaign event ultimately serves both the candidates and their constituents better. We're therefore inviting all the citizens and candidates from the 52nd Congressional District to come join us in this unique opportunity to welcome and assist area veterans."

"I am running for Congress to make a difference," said Congressional candidate Karen Marie Otter. "I can think of no more important cause than honoring and supporting the men and women who have served in our armed forces. They deserve more than they are getting now from this president and Republican-dominated Congress. In the spirit of cooperation and positive competition, I'm very pleased to work with Mr. Casady, GoodWorks-PAC and the National Veterans Foundation to help make a difference for both our veterans and the citizens of CA-52."

"I am running for Congress to support our troops by getting them out of Iraq," Derek Casady said. "Unfortunately, once they arrive home, our veterans face an appalling indifference from the government of the country they served. I look forward to helping some veterans overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from the benefits they deserve, and in the process I look forward to learning more about those obstacles so that I can do more as a member of Congress to remove those obstacles for all veterans."

Tyrone Ballesteros, Information Services Representative for the National Veterans Foundation added, "While the NVF is of course non-partisan and non-political, honoring and supporting our veterans is not about politics; it is above politics. This is just the kind of event that should be happening all over the country. We are happy to work with anyone who is committed to providing service to their communities, no matter what the reason. I would love to see this spirit of volunteerism and public service infuse all our political leaders. We hope this unique event will play an important part in the process."

About Karen Marie Otter
Karen Marie Otter was born and raised in the East County of San Diego, California. After graduating from Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley in 1983, Karen enlisted in the United States Army and served as a Pershing Missile Crewman and in Army nuclear missile units in Oklahoma and Germany. After leaving the military, Karen worked in increasingly responsible areas of administration and management. In 2003, she obtained the professional certification of Community Association Manager (CCAM), a highly-regarded professional designation in the property management industry. Karen now manages a number of properties, including a planned 1600-unit complex and six condominium communities in Chula Vista. Karen currently lives in El Cajon with her two teenage sons.

For more information, see http://www.otterforcongress.com.

About Derek Casady
Derek Casady was born in Oklahoma City, grew up in South Texas, graduated from high school in Phoenix, and college at Stanford. He has worked as an officer in the Navy, as a reporter and editor at the El Cajon Daily Californian and as an owner-operator of Casady's Whole Foods Market. Derek is a member of the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee. He was a project manager for the new 'green' building owned by the Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op in Ocean Beach. With his wife Nancy, he co-founded the Beach Area Community Clinic in Mission Beach, which began as a free clinic, seeing 20,000 patients the first year. Derek and Nancy have been longtime community, peace, and Democratic Party activists. Derek, a former El Cajon resident, and Nancy own property in the Grossmont area. They live in La Jolla along with some of their five children and four grandchildren.

For more information, see http://casadyforcongress.com/.

About GoodWorks-PAC
GoodWorks-PAC identifies and supports Democratic candidates who use community service events to highlight real solutions to real problems. GoodWorks-PAC organizes events and recruits volunteers in order to reconnect candidates to voters, highlight the real problems facing our communities, and demonstrate the Democratic Party's commitment to service and shared responsibility.

The web address for GoodWorks-PAC.org is http://www.GoodWorks-PAC.org.

About the National Veterans Foundation
Since 1985, The National Veterans Foundation (NVF) has been a leading resource for Veterans. As a non-profit organization of veterans helping veterans, it offers emotional support, a listening ear, and information about veteran services and resources in communities throughout the United States. To date, it has served over 275,000 veterans, and its team of professional counselors includes veterans from all major wars since Vietnam. The NVF provides a toll-free lifeline, through which it helps veterans and families with services ranging from Benefits Counseling & Advocacy and Employment/Job Training to Mental Health/PTSD Counseling.

To learn more about the NVF, go to http://www.nvf.org

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